Standing Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure

• Arrive at customers house, call by telephone to advise of arrival
• Carry kit to front door or external access
• Put on disposable mask overalls and shoe protectors prior to entry
• Lay down disposable polythene membrane
• Get dust sheet from front door and cover work area
• Get kit from front door and place on dust sheet
• Plug dust extraction device in
• Carry out preparation, remove baffle or seal up fireplace opening
• Sweep flue ensuring that all kit remains on dust sheet
• Carry out flue flow test
• Wipe down any surfaces that have been touched
• Carry kit out to front door
• Top dust sheet to be folded inward and placed in sealed fresh bin liner, to be identified to job, date and time before being taken to front door
• Remove polythene membrane by folding corners inward and carrying out to dustbin
• Transfer all kit to back of van
• Remove overalls and shoe protectors by turning inside out and place in dustbin
• Sanitise hands
• Remove mask and place in sealed bag
• Sanitise hands
• Write customer certificate and place inside front door, add web address to certificate
• Shout to customer to come and close door, have distanced discussion concerning job and next sweep interval, ask customer to fill in form on website for reminder so that we can contact them and mention review on Google

Why having your chimney professionally swept is an expense you shouldn’t avoid

There has been a significant increase over the past decade in people installing and enjoying wood burning and other solid fuel stoves. But with every appliance installed there needs to be the knowledge that proper maintenance of the chimney or flue should not be viewed as optional.

Neglecting to have your chimney swept can have consequences that range from reduced efficiency, to a chimney or house fire, or a carbon monoxide leak – allowing soot or other deposits to accumulate brings a very real risk for you and your family.

The good news…

  • Chimney sweeps are readily available to clean your chimney across Oxford and the UK.
  • Most chimneys only need attention a maximum of 4 times a year, keeping your flue in top condition still represents a great return.
  • Professional sweeps accredited by the NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps) will provide an expert service with minimal mess and inconvenience.
  • Keeping your home and family safe, and your stove burning well is a quick and easy process.

How often does my chimney need sweeping?

The frequency with which you’ll need to get the chimney sweeps in depends on your appliance and what you burn. At 1st Choice we recommend, per annum:

  • Once for smokeless fuel
  • Twice for coal
  • Up to four times for wood 

Other benefits
In addition to making sure your chimney is clear and is allowing smoke and poisonous gasses to escape safely, a chimney sweep will provide a professional eye for any other emerging problems.

A fully accredited service, such as 1st Choice Chimney Sweeps, may provide further inspection of your chimney or flue using CCTV or a smoke test.

We can deal with birds’ nests and offer solutions that prevent nests from blocking your chimney again.
Get in touch if you have any questions about chimney cleaning or our services.