COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy

To all customers First Choice Chimney Sweeps. As some of you that have been with us for many years will know, we take your safety very seriously and hope to remain to for many years to come. Covid 19 poses us with new challenges and so we will be doing things slightly differently during this time of concern. No more angling for cups of tea for us and also unfortunately minimal contact with yourself.

We will be wearing new high grade PPE and taking precautions to mitigate the chances of us inadvertently spreading the virus. Disposable dust sheets and overalls will become our new normal, as will hand sanitisation. We therefore also need to ask you to read through and follow the new directives that we must implement.

1. If you have developed any symptoms of illness prior to our appointment please call and rebook.

2. Empty appliance or fireplace of any old fuel or ashes on day before visit.

3. Leave door of appliance fully open if possible, remove fireguard and effects from immediate area.

4. Leave path to electrical socket clear and available with switch in on position.

5. Please do not enter room for one hour before our expected arrival where possible.

6. When called by telephone please answer front door, we will introduce ourselves from a safe distance.

7. Please make sure that pets, children, visitors and other members of the house do not enter the room whilst we are working.

8. Payments by cash or cheque to be left in the work area the night before, loose please not in envelope.

When we have completed your job we will remove our equipment in stages, once done we will call you from the front door to discuss the job and so that you can lock up after us, again we will maintain a safe distance. Any surface that we have touched will be wiped down by us prior to leaving, disposable PPE will be placed in your dustbin, please ensure that we have easy access to it. We will also advise you of your next sweeping due date and ask you to send your details via the online form if you would like a reminder. We reserve the right to refuse to carry out work if we consider the risk to be too high.