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We are fully accredited members of NACS (National Association of Chimney Sweeps), so if you are looking for a sweeping company, why not find out how we can help.

Whether you have a stove or an open fire, chimney sweeps and cleaning should be a regular part of your household maintenance. NACS recommends varying frequencies for sweeping depending on the kind of fuel you burn:

  • 1 x per year for smokeless fuel
  • 2x per year for coal
  • 4x per year for wood – according to use.

Why is regular sweeping so important?

Sweeping is essential to remove soot that builds up during normal use, blocking the flue and increasing the chance of catching fire, or of poisonous carbon monoxide fumes leaking back into your home.

When you use an accredited sweep, you will receive a sweeping certificate- essential for insurance purposes, and your peace of mind.

If you are having a stove installed it is essential to have your chimney swept before work begins.

Additional checks

For a more thorough check we can carry out a smoke test, which will fully ascertain the health of your flue or liner. A smoke test is a thorough procedure that requires us to access all rooms that the flue passes through, including the loft or attic.

Or you can take advantage of technological advances and book a CCTV inspection – this takes approximately 2 hours and can be recorded.

Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance Services Oxford

We can remove birds’ nests. Nesting material is usually speedily deposited during spring – often by a resourceful Jackdaw. Nests can be constructed very quickly, and we recommend that a basic draught test is carried out if your fire or stove hasn’t been used for a couple of days in the nesting season.

Nests can be prevented with a Birdguard, which can be supplied and fitted by Oxfordshire Stove Company.

Find out more about stoves, or any of our chimney sweeps and cleaning services in Oxford by giving us a call today.